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Eastcote Arms.

Gayton Rd Eastcote Nr Towcester

My regular Thursday haunt.  Good beer at  reasonable prices. The main attraction is a thriving six o'clock club, featuring excellent banter and even some serious conversation. Quite a few motorsport and rugby people. The new owners have completely restored the original atmosphere and indeed improved things considerably. They have updated the kitchens and are providing good food again.

My usual night there is Thursday (early)




Towcester Mill Brewery

This is a small craft brewery in the heart of Towcester that brews some remarkable beers. They realized the potential of the tap room and turned it into a bar which is usually open from 17.00 to 21.30 evenings and longer at weekends. They also have regular visits from niche mobile food outlets. The interior is all original and there are gardens with great views. Certainly a favourite, but sadly too far away for regular visits.

It's worth checking their website or Facebook page for opening times as they do have a number of special events.





Model Making Corner

For many years I have been making models, although not a regularly as I could. Retirement has given me the opportunity to indulge in a winter project. The Ferrari 126 C2 was in 1982 the car driven by probably the greatest "racer" of all time Gilles Villeneuve. The kit was not the best or physically most accurate ever, but has turned out fairly well.



Some years ago I made another Ferrari, the 641/2 as driven by Mansell. This time not for the driver, but because in my humble opinion the most beautiful F1 car ever. I also have a tidy Manx Norton to remind me of my childhood!


My most recent project which I finished in May 2015 is the restoration and respray of a 25+ year old Renault RE20 which I built. I managed to get transfers from a chap in Colorado (which sadly were not of astounding quality) and the effort has saved the car's life, or at least extended it for a few years