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I have been fishing since childhood, it has come second in my pursuits only to Motorsport, however, since my retirement perhaps this has reversed.

  Fishing in 1960 at Four Elms in Kent.

Being quite vexed by the weed situation at Astwell, (T&DAA water) which is my favourite lake that I have been fishing since the late seventies/early eighties, I contacted our MP, who at the time was in charge of the ministry responsible (DEFRA).

She (after 3 months) told me that there are grants available. I went to the T&DAA AGM and put this to them, they said if I wanted I could go for it.

I started on this project in March 2017 and subsequently at the time of writing this, (July 2020) having been given a substantial grant and excavated a filtration pond as well as using chemical treatment for the weed and accumulated silt. We have also improved the platforms, added some more as well as building a bridge over the inlet pipe to allow better access to the far bank via a new footpath.

 Beacause of this in March 2018 I was elected to the committee as Club Development Officer. I would be happy to receive any (angling) questions or proposals. Membership details are on our website, and now memberships are available online via the site.

Towcester & District Angling association can be contacted at the Website is

I have also been to Silver Lake at Wappenham (T&DAA water) which has a 1 surcharge per day for members day tickets available at 8 on site or online. They have dealt with the weed problem and the sport there is first class. I have had days there with catches of 12-15lb.


Astwell Mill


Silverlake Wappenham

Nice Bream from Wappenham

Roach from Wappenham

Nice Tench from Astwell, the net is 22" diameter, honest!


I used to frequent another venue at Brickhill Farm Eydon. Probably the best I have been to. Brian the owner was a gem.

Having reached a certain age Brian decided it was time to sell up and take a well earned retirement. He had intended to sell the fishery as a going concern with the house, but after a couple of bad disappointments he received an offer he could not refuse from a wealthy supermodel.

There were plentiful fish of a decent size (1-5 lb) all of a variety of species. There were also some very large Carp, mainly in the larger lake, I have caught one at 17lb and several approaching 10lb.



A lovely 5lb Common Carp

Golden Carp about 3lb

Lovely 17lb Carp from Brickhill Farm